Psychology Around the Net: May 9, 2020

From the benefits of living a joyful life alongside sadness and tips to practice letting go of unhelpful ideals to how employers can better support workers during COVID-19 and the struggles of job hunting during a pandemic, this week’s Psychology Around the Net packs a little something for everyone.

Stay well, friends!

Should You Immerse Yourself in Bad News These Days or Ignore It Completely? Maybe rather than either completely immersing ourselves in bad news or completely ignoring it, we can try to experience joy alongside sadness. Maybe we can benefit from allowing the two different emotions to coexist.

Here’s Everything Employers Should Consider to Support Workers During COVID-19 Pandemic: WebMD Health Services recently surveyed 2,000 full-time employees about different areas of their health and wellbeing. Vice President of Strategy Christine Muldoon weighs in on the groups that might need more emotional support than others (hint: millennials, especially those with young children at home) and how employers can best support those workers with benefits such as parental leave, access to telehealth therapy, and more.

How Claims about Supposed Shortcomings of Single Life Can Result in Real Harm: What’s the “deficit narrative” and how does it cause harm to single people?

Meat Eaters Tend to Have Better Psychological Health Than Vegetarians: New research shows vegetarians (for this study, “people who avoid meat consumption”) are at a greater risk of depression, anxiety, and self-harm than people who eat meat. Researchers looked at past studies on the relationship between meat consumption and mental health (depression, anxiety, self-harm, stress perception, and quality of life) and found “clear evidence” that vegetarians had higher rates of anxiety, depression, and self-harm; how meat consumption relates to stress perception and quality of life was less clear. Says study author Urska Dobersek, “My co-authors and I were truly surprised at how consistent the relation between meat-avoidance and the increased prevalence of mental illness was across populations. As we stated in our conclusion, ‘Our study does not support meat avoidance as a strategy to benefit psychological health.’”

I Need to Search for a New Job, but I Just Can’t Get Started: A laid-off restaurant worker shares concerns about searching for a new career. Learn active steps for making a career decision (along with a few tips on reducing bad habits) amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

How to Practice Letting Go (When You Catch Yourself Holding On): Life isn’t suppose to be this way, I need it to be different. There is only one thing I want, I can’t be happy without it. I am absolutely right, the other person is absolutely wrong. Happiness is right around the corner of letting go of what you assume your life is supposed to be like and appreciating your life for everything it is. Here’s how you can get there.

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