Individual Psychotherapy or EMDR

50-minute session, £150

90-minute session, £275


Blocks of Sessions

Block of 6 sessions of 50 minutes, £800

Block of 12 sessions of 50 minutes, £1500

Block of 6 sessions of 90 minutes, £1375

Block of 12 sessions of 90 minutes, £2750


* Although it is possible to do EMDR in 50-minute sessions, for best results 90-minute sessions are recommended. 6 to 12 sessions are typically required for significant improvement.

** Blocks of sessions may be used in person or online within one year and are non-refundable. In rare cases of severe illness the period of one year may be extended.


Couples Therapy 

50-minute session, £210

Block of 6 couples therapy sessions, £1050



Please make payment by the time of your appointment or you may choose to pay for a block of sessions in advance. Please see above. Please let my assistant, Henry (assistant@comfortshieldspractice.com), know if you would like to pay with a credit card, and he will send a link to pay online via email.

Please use the following bank transfer details:

Comfort Shields Ltd

Sort Code: 401800

Account (HSBC): 21165461


*Please note, if payment is regularly made late, you will be asked to pay monthly in advance.

Private Insurance

We will be glad to bill your insurance provider directly. We accept:


Bupa Global (but not Bupa UK)

Cigna and Cigna Global

Freedom Health

GBG Insurance

WPA Insurance



  1. Contact your insurance company to determine whether your policy covers you for psychotherapy and how many sessions will be covered. If it does, ask them whether you need a referral from your psychiatrist/consultant or GP and request a claim number/authorisation code from them.
  2. Once your insurance company confirms coverage please provide me with your policy number and authorisation code/claim number with your date of birth and address which we will need in order to schedule your session.
  3. We will then liaise with your insurance company to obtain coverage for appointments.


Letters, Reports, and Paperwork

Billed at the normal hourly rates as above (except for standard insurance reports and paperwork, which are included in the £50 insurance paperwork fee)

Meetings (with educational bodies, social services, mental health teams, etc)

Free for the first 15 minutes

Beyond 15 minutes, billed at the normal hourly rates as above.

* Travel to and from meetings is billed at my hourly rate.


* There is an additional £50 paperwork fee to insurance companies. This includes all reports and treatment plans supplied to insurance companies.

* There is a waiting list of approximately 9 months for concession rate spaces for those in special circumstances.


Cancellations and Breaks

Weekly therapy attendance is very important to progress. A slot is booked in advance for the meeting. We appreciate as much notice of cancellation as possible. Any missed sessions or cancellations will be charged at the full fee unless at least 48 hours notice is provided in advance, except in the case of illness or emergency. Block sessions are nonrefundable except in the case of emergency or serious illness, in which case a 30% admin fee will be charged in addition to the sessions already used being deducted from the refund.

We have a set of terms and conditions, which will be shared with you before or during your first session.

Note: Comfort does not give extensive advice or do therapy over text or by email. If you need to talk between appointments please feel free to schedule an additional appointment during the week. Please use text messaging and emailing only for scheduling or amending appointments.

Any Other Questions

Please contact Comfort for any additional questions you may have about counselling.

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